Tarn. Musician and luthier, Alexandre Pons creates guitars in a former medical practice in Sorèze

Luthier and musician, Alexandre Pons manufactures his own models of guitars in his workshop recently installed in a former medical practice, on the alleys of Notre Dame in Sorèze.

Aged 44 and originally from Toulouse, Alexandre Pons is based in Sorèze where he moved into the premises of a former medical practice in the town in 2020 to set up his activity as a luthier.

In this workshop which he has arranged according to his needs, the craftsman devotes himself to the maintenance, the restoration and the artisanal manufacture of guitars.

Former worker at the Compagnons du duty

When he was younger, Alexandre Pons practiced music and more particularly the guitar, but since he had to work to survive, he gave up playing music for a while without leaving his instrument far away.

Loving working with wood, he had the opportunity to join the Compagnons du Devoir in 1995.From that moment on, his life would gradually change, as he dealt with different styles of work: from construction to construction.from furniture to restoration then to sculpture and finally to craftsmanship.

He studies flamenco guitar in Seville

Anxious to improve himself in a very specific field, he sees an idea germinating in a corner of his head.After having enjoyed working the furniture, he decides to explore a new universe.

And it is quite naturally that this guitarist musician returns first to his first love by choosing to study the flamenco guitar with several masters of this instrument, in particular within the Cristina Heeren Foundation in Seville.

Posted Date: 2021-03-17

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