Change song: Serbian artist turns guns into instruments

Novi Sad (Serbia) (AFP) - Every week, the Serbian sculptor Nikola Macura walks through a cemetery of old weapons in the service of his latest project, to make musical instruments with war material.

What he looks for above all in the mountains of ancient helmets, assault rifles and deactivated missiles spread out in the open air is their potential.

The 42-year-old artist wants to transform instruments of destruction into vectors of creation in a region which still bears the scars of the wars which consecrated the explosion of the former Yugoslavia in the 1990s.

Nikola Macura once made a cello using a bazooka and a gas container, a guitar with a Zastava M70 rifle and Yugoslav army helmet, as well as a violin from the magazine of an automatic rifle and a first aid kit.

"The weapons are all around us.We are so surrounded by destruction that we do not notice it any more," said the artist teaching at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, in the north of the country.Balkans.

The choice is wide.You can find all over Serbia depots of old military equipment bought from the army by individuals and sold for a few handfuls of dinars.

These cemeteries contain guns, neutralized bombs, gas masks, combat vehicles, radars or pieces of aircraft.

The sculptor wanted to equip with his instruments an entire orchestra which would then perform across the Balkans, with veterans among the musicians.

"I want to offer the opportunity to those who participated in the war to use instruments that were used in the war to create music."

He has already recruited artist Srdjan Sarovic, also a veteran, who enjoys doing riffs with the guitar.

Posted Date: 2021-02-14

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